The work I make deals with the human condition and experience. Based around the premise of a broken world, my paintings capture aspects of raw human nature. They visualize a world on the verge of falling apart, leaving the subjects in them with little power of their own. There is a strong focus on events leading up to and in the wake of tragic circumstances, often leaving the subjects stripped of their ambition and ego. This is meant to contemplate the necessity of perseverance in the midst of tragedy.


Born in Golden, Colorado, Jesse Nickell was enrolled in a materials chemistry program in New York after high school. After taking a rigorous life drawing class, he realized that his passion belonged to visual art and began his pursuit as a painter. During college he participated in MOA's Design & Build program and held a residency at the New York Academy of Art. Upon graduating, he traveled to Norway to study with the master painter Odd Nerdrum for the summer months. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, holds awards for his work, and currently paints in his studio in Denver.